The purification procedure employed by ICL was developed by Prayon-Rupel, leading company in the provision of high technology solutions, for the manufacturing of phosphoric acid and phosphates. The procedure is known as "liquid-liquid extraction" and it is divided in three main phases: pre-treatment, extraction by solvents and post-treatment.

Pre-treatment is the initial purification, where there is the removal of sulfates, solids, organic matter and part of fluor. After pre-treatment, the acid goes to the solvent extraction area, where specially the metallic impurities of the organic matter present are removed. This phase is the "technological core" of the procedure, combining a great purification capacity to a low energetic cost. In the final purification phase, post-treatment, the acid is discolored, concentrated, goes through a defluoridation process, and the final traces of organic matter are removed, which guarantees that ICL's products comply with the highest quality standards required by our clients.