ABOUT US - continuation

Planta de Cajati history started to be told in March, 1985, date in which the company was established, through the association of the multinationals Monsanto, Bunge/Quimbrasil and Prayon Rupel. After two years, among projects and construction, Planta de Cajati opened its modern facilities in 1987, in the city of Cajati, in the countryside of São Paulo, becoming the first company to produce purified phosphoric acid by humid means in the South Hemisphere.

Throughout the years, the trajectory of Planta de Cajati was marked by a constant technological improvement. Nowadays, the company is proud to have the high quality of its products recognized as a differential by the most important consuming companies in Brazil and abroad.

Its industrial procedures went through significant advancements. Nowadays, Planta de Cajati can purify raw materials from different origins, a fact never seen before in high technology purification plants, guaranteeing, thus, the best conditions of quality and availability of products for its clients.

Planta de Cajati performance markets are very diversified, and its products are mainly used in the food and beverage industry, treatment of metals, sugar production, treatment of waters and effluents, animal nutrition, pharmaceutical industry, refinement of vegetal oils, production of biodiesel and in the production of special and foliar fertilizers.

Since the beginning of its operations up to today, driven by the ever growing recognition of the efficiency of its products, Planta de Cajati is performing a series of investments to increase its production capacity and its competitiveness, and it is, today, the biggest producer of purified phosphoric acid in the South Hemisphere.

With the purpose of increasing even more its position in the market, Planta de Cajati not only seeks the constant technological improvement of its products and procedures, but it also focuses on the continuous improvement of its post-sales distribution activities, post-sales services and logistics, always trying to achieve the satisfaction of its clients.

At last, it is important to mention the big emphasis that Planta de Cajati gives to the health and safety of its employees, the environment, to the social responsibility and to the issue of food safety. For each one of these subjects, Planta de Cajati has big programs of adequacy of the most rigorous international standards in force, such as ISO, OHSAS and Responsible Performance Program. As consequence, the results obtained in these areas are very diversified.